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Rev. Kathy McIntosh-Smith’s Letter

Dear Khalid,

Your visit to our class was an amazing gracious and generous gift to us.  Everyone kept saying over and over how much it helped and how happy they are to be able to stand with and support our kind Muslim neighbors like you.  So much understanding grew. As one woman said, "this was a life-changing night for me."  You would think that relatively educated  good people would not have gotten so confused, but as you so rightly pointed out, the media has been relentless in the past year. Our book was superficial, and in any case, there is just no substitute for face to face conversation.  Everyone was so relieved and so grateful.  Your openness and honesty and humor really helped so much, Khalid.  What a terrific guy you are.  Thank you.

We will continue our studies in January when we watch the films Hamza lent us.  I hope we will become more active supporters and friends of the Muslim community going forward.  Thanks so much for your patience and help.

I wish you all God's blessings of peace and freedom, home and community and faith,  in the season ahead.

Thank you,
Rev. Kathy McIntosh-Smith
November 27, 2010

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